Tuesday, January 14, 2014

at The Hindu Lit for Life (LFL)-2014: Jan 11-13

I love listening to good conversations and i had a feast at The Hindu LFL- 2014. :

@ The Hindu Lit for Life :
Day 1, 11/1/14
1. Listening to Aravind adiga recounting days in Chennai... was glad that he mentioned A.r. Venkatachalapathy's 'Chennai not madras', and meeting Ashokamithran in the passing
2. Arumugam Kr, and Rohini reading from Tamil works 'Saayavanam', "thiruvaai mozhi' Perumal Murugan's koolamaathaari was a refreshing breeze on an English stage...
3. Anita R Ratnam's rendering of the poetic lines in movement and Revathy Kumar's voice was magical..
4. madhuri banerjee looked beautiful, Mamang dai had the depth and clarity of a meditative silence
5. enjoyed the camaraderie btwn Gulzaar and Pavan.k.varma..
6. Naresh Fernandes seemd to have all the best lines.. to an audience' qsn on wat clicked best for a books sales e quipped he pitched in 'write the damn thing'
7. Fell for Paul Zacharia's eloquent oration and his take on religion and institutions...
8. @a.r. venkatachalapthy's take on mythologies had thebearings of his fascination and study of Pudumaipiththan and Periyaar
9. Jim grace' ease on stage was fascinating
10. was eagerly looking fwd to Naomi wolf on stage, given the oomph that she brings in, but in conversation with Barkha Duttshe came across as a very genuinely concerned humanist
11. a differnce in the schedule in a pamphelet given at the venu and the actual made me wait in vain for william darlymple. The organisers did not bother to clarify or apologise...:(

@ The Hindu Lit for Life, Day 2:
after an absrobing day 1 at LFL, persuaded Sumi Vijay to join me...
1. Hurried to the venue to be in time for a rendezvous with T.M.krishnan in convsn with Gopal Gandhi, i was looking fwd so much to this ssn that i had got hold of 'the southern music' and tried to finish a few chapters in preprn... He dazzled me by singing a couple of songs xplaining the words and the musicality... felt blessed to have been there to witness this artist talk abt his art...
2. next was, wat wld qlfy to be called Magnum opus.., Romila Thapar talking abt Historicality in in North indian traditions.. she refuted the widely held view in the west that Early India lacked a sense of History.. She expounded upon the history in Vedic, puranic and shramnic traditions...while touching upon suthras songs and history she reminded me of portions in venmurasu
3. Next a Talk abt Megacities: chennai- Nirmala lakshman, Mumbai- abraham vergeese, Calcutta- amit chaudhri, @pushpa arabindoo's moderation left me wishing for more... i thot she restricted the discussion to some 'headline' items on Megacities...
4. Nxt a workshop with Anita R Ratnam on movements. it was refresshing experience breaking 'muscle memory'
5. Hurried back in time to catch with another 'Magnum opus' - William Darlymple talking abt The battle of afganistan. He sounde like a master orchestrator conducting the symphony of History
6. took a short brk for some pongal shopping, jus enuf a brk to catch up anwar's 'yaadhum'
7. Came back early and was blessed to listen to the music of Vidya shah, she gracefully interlaced the music with interesting anecdotes.. got to hear the sarangi play for the fst time.. felt blessed..
8. 'yaadhum' captures a unique facet of tamil culture, the syncretic features in Tamil islam, i think everyone shld watch this movie, for all of us need to cultivate inquisitiveness abt our culture and history.. Have to get hold of Anwar's docu on the big temple

@ The Hindu Lit for Life, Day 3:
1. The final day, hurried to the venue to participate in a workshop with A.r. Venkatachalapathy about 'biographies'.. was floored to see Gopal Krishna Gandhi and T.M. Krishna and Sriram Venkatakrishnan among the participants.. the lack of good biographical writing in south asia, the essential aspects of a good biography, instances of some good ones were among those discussed.. i was jus happy to be sitting in the front row and listening to A. R. Venkatachalapathy
2. hurried bk from the work shop to listen to Naomi Wolf talk abt 'beyond the vagina'.. i went in looking for some sleaze, but i got simple staright talk abt female-body's bio-wiring for sexuality, she carried herself in a very dignified manner at the same time never shying from talking abt the 'g-spot' or in a matter of fact tone , clitoris. a gorgeously beautifula and a very sensible feminist.
Thats all i had time for as i had to do spend time with books, b4 my family called it an end to my wanderings and ordered me bk home.

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