Sunday, May 11, 2014

Subranareka- Riwik Ghatak's

On Saturday, after a hearty swim and a lofty lunch, i was in the mood to watch a Ray movie. i was probably in the mood for some classic treat. I thought i would explore Ghatak. I haven't watched any of his work. I chose Subranareka as it popped out first on search results for Ritwik's movies on Youtube. a perusal of some info abt the movie on wiki revealed the story line, which occured to me as quite interesting.

The movie was fast unraveling the story i had just read. the story was playing out in shorter time frames than what i expected. given my romantic nature i kind of get soaked up with wat the movie offers. to me the movie was all about moving to a 'new home'. the child eagerly asking if they were moving to a 'new home' was a very hauntingly touching part for me. Inspite of an interesting storyline, it is the plight of the refugee that stands out for me. i think this is absolutely beauty of a piece of an art. the movie was not a piece of documentary on the plight of refugees however it left a deeper pain in me more than what a documentary could have hoped to achieve.

i thought the film( jus like anyother)  would be about a story and a sequence of good shots, but it was that and a lot more.The plight of a person being forced out of ones home and in (ever) search of a new one. The significance of a home and its importance in our lives that we so much take for granted and that which makes all the difference to refugee, their life, psyche for them and their generations.

The meaning of principles, their romantic possiblities and their break downs; their void nature- a character surmises philosophically ' i chose to stand by and you chose to desert, we both stand defeated'. lofty ideals, ' a life lived for oneself is meaningless' amd earthly pursuits to build a home. The cannibalistic nature of certain faiths and institutions. The painful nature of love, how it can make or break a world- while Sita chooses to stand by her lover's dreams and give strength to it, she devastates her brother's dreams.How ones judgement about life can always fall short of reality or be of any help. While Isvar decrees that one has to cling on to whatever little one has got, did he think it justified to go to any extent to just hold on to wat he has got.

With the prospect of a big fortune coming his way, a result of his years of hard work and sacrifices, he his confounded with his sister's love for a person of lower caste. His bestower would certainly not be pleased with his sister's love. Did Ishvar think it was more important to gratify his bestower than his sister's love. Would Ishvar have behaved the same had there been no such prospect. Did the prospect of Wealth change Ishvar.

The plight of the unfortunate  in Abhiram, makes me wonder if it was asking for too much in trying to take more than wat one can handle in one's hand. if so, then wat is the limit to wat one can handle on one's own.

A film that raises many thoughts at various levels. The Subranareka flows along playing a witness to all the story and making a soothing  presence to the life of the characters.

The film has it is artistic peaks in a couple of instances  when it captures the local flavour of the landscape where it takes place seamlesly weaved into the craft of the story. The airstrip that is witness to Sita- abhiram's love; The child Sita frightened by a local artist made-up as a demon, the rock-cool manager who shakes the fright out of Sita and blleds the love out of his heart for the young Sita walking her along the air strip and summarizing the Ramayana with the story of birth and end of the 'epic' Sita. The mother Sita feeding her child her sweet memories of her childhood is the key to wat a human heart is made of. The child egging his 'mama' on to move in search of their 'new home' gives the movie an epic dimension.

The giant machinery of city life and city institutions like the press that trample under their machinations such fine things like humanity is also captured in the movie giving it a wholesome form. an epic indeed- with layers waiting to be unraveled.

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