Wednesday, June 8, 2016

EU film fest- Jun 2016

Three brothers ( Chech), accd 9/6/16

This is a beautiful movie of 'fairy tale' dimensions. it traces the sweet story of three brothers setting off from home on becoming adults and getting themselves brides by entering three different fairy tale worlds. The movie is about the sheer joy of listening to fairy tale stories and loosing yourself to their magic. Beautiful songs and casting add to the magic.

The three fairy tales and the brothers are firmly rooted in the ground by their earthy parents, particularly, the 'back stretching' father.

Urban Family ( Ollan Vapaita- fin)
image frm, accd 9/6/16

A young and single mother gives away her child in adoption and goes on to lead an idealistic life in a comunion with her friends. The Child comes back as an teen to visit her. The movie is about the drama of attachment between the boy and the two mothers.
This is again a musical and has songs with wonderful lyrics to savor. 
'Let's put the fire out with gasoline
I want to make the world better
but I only sleep or defy god' ( from

many more memorable and beautiful lines indeed. The title, urban family, beautifully and happily comes together in the end.

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