Sunday, December 17, 2017

Kinetics Art show

The exciting promo videos that the group of artists, called Kinetics, posted in building upto the event was a big inspiration for me to want to go and catch up this show at  Art Houz gallery. Kinetics is an exciting bunch of young artists that passed out of Madras Arts college. Its refreshing to see how this young bunch of artists bond among themselves and help each other in their creative journey. It is also refreshing that it consists of artists from diverse background and pursuing very unique and different styles of arts.

Aneesh K R
Aneesh K R's Kutch, painted posted cards vividly captures the vibrancy of the city. Each tile of a postcard is of a unique color and beautifully framed in it is an aspect of the colourful life of the land, captured in all its vibrancy. He captures the grace in the faces of men n women folk- Their smiles, styles, poises, business, houses, carts etc.. There doesn't seem to be an aspect he has missed. It's a collage the brings a cityscape alive.

His printed post cards on Kasi captures the rhythm of life in color and that of death in shades of grey. After all, any allusion to the city of Kasi would be incomplete without mention of both the aspects of the city. In capturing life he has sifted thru the city for all its colorful moments- the result of a natural interplay of light n life..its no wonder, The color of safron has a real edge in this pallette. The shades of grey in the other half capturing death is not far removed from life either. There's a sense of gloom and an imminent rise from the ashes and a sense of continuity that comes across through these frames.

Sunil Sree
Sunil Sree's meticulous art puts together a mesh of industrial paint, polycarbonate and epoxy resin all staged on a 'dosa kal' to create a theatre of ideas. This piece could be about wasted food or a search for identity, or probably a reflection on the survival of the fittest- those can stand the heat of the 'kal' stay, the others fall.

His man made objects with cement has models of daily use objects, modeled in cement. It's probably a mockery on our dependence on these objects. A couple of objects also have a moth eaten model, which again opens up a world of thoughts.

Saravanan Parasuraman
Saravanan parusuraman has weaved magic out of fibre glass, fishing lines and acrylic on plywood To create a web of blue, a blotch of deep shining blue seems to be spreading out into a web of thin light blue. This could be a fishing net cast to capture the sky or the kind of web that we are caught in these days.
His Spill of chrome paint on fibre glass has a very viscous texture to it, inviting one touch n feel what seems to be a ever changing form that just stopped moving just for a while, just for us.

His Etuchuraikai is such an exemplary illustration of the many meanings the word carries with it. His manuscript with graphite on board is another layered work. He has filled the pages with multifarious symbols and signs, repetition difficult to spot, and we only get to the edge of the page..

The abstract artist that G is, it was a pleasant surprise to see his self portrait in pigment. The experiment has worked and we have a woolly version of G that could pass for a face plucked off one of those renaissance classic portraits. His big work in the show, Nature with pigment on canvas has two big circles with blotches of pigment sprayed on it. These two holes could be a pair of eyes peeping out of the wall or a pair of big holes in the wall or an allusion to an ever turning cycle of dark n color, with the dark side bearing seeds of color n vice versa.

His another untitled work again tries to capture the magic of pink in a background of black.

Yuvaraj's Strategist stood tall In the middle of the show, surprising you when you first encounter him. But he holds his hands crossed and stands composed, welcoming you to explore the ideas he has to offer. All those chess pieces stuck up on him make you wonder, if he is the player or the played.

Yuvaraj's another piece, Identity has a golden wrapped face amidst a bloom of brass flowers- is it a face hidden coming out of a garden or is it a person struggling to carve an Identity by fighting it out with nature. His untitled cast iron piece is remnant of an Egyptian Pharaoh standing tall unmindful of the rusted wear.

Kumaresan Selvaraj 's triptych seems to be a meditation on forms, shapes, shadows, n spaces.. The being and the absence of it was an appealing idea. Dillip Kumar seems to be throwing nude n raw questions at the audience, even his found object seems to allude to hidden parts.

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