Wednesday, March 9, 2016

CPB series-@ LKA

This has been an exciting fortnight at Chennai, with the Photo biennale taking me to places, meeting and bonding with people, seeing and talking art. It has been a sweet short affair with art, seizing time and opportunity to visit this beautiful maiden with her visitations at various venues across the city.

The exhibitons at various venues have been an overwhelming experience for me for different reasons. At Lalit Kala Akademi, the exquisiteness of the layout, the magic of the presentation- the organisers have gone to the extent of even repainting the walls to match their exhibits, the rawness of the wooden stands holding the melancholic pics of ww2 imitating photos, the walk through the photos of the high rise buildings leaves me an impression that the exhibit was on a pool side, the shadow area under a tree gets transformed into the sets space of a Bangla movie world, was a special experience.

At Lalit Kala, the discovery of Parekh Kishore and his historic and heroic personality revealed through his daring photo essay on The Bangladesh war, the stark images, the immense nature of the moments captured, are things that are going to affect me for ever. These images are not just documentations of someone with a camera who happenned to be there when something happened, but these are the journal records of some one who had lived through the pain with people who populate these stories. I was only thanking God for gifting this man the courage to live through such tough times and also for giving him the steely resolve to put these disturbing images in a book, in spite of the deep anguish these images should have evoked in him.

images from fb page of CPB, accessed on 10/3/16 

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