Monday, May 28, 2007

Drive to tirupati

This weekend was a memorable one for me ( for that matter anyother weekend has been)

Planning how to Spend weekends has in itself become an interesting challenge. I usually end up spending the weekend with my family taking my mom and dad and some relatives ( either sisters family or mami's family or whoever happens to come to our house) around to some movie and Restaurant or visiting some relatives place. spending some time swimming.

This weekend i was quite scratching my head, thinking abt how to spend it. most of saturday i had spent sleeping , then i went out to fix my bike. Then i thot i could fix the car as well. at this point i should mention that mom and dad had already gone to tirupati with grand parents and aunt.

Once i had fixed the car i asked the mechanic if the car was fit for a drive to tripati , he said yes. That was when i thot , y not and that wld be a gr8 idea.

left chennai with kittu anna at around 10pm. via madhavaram, puzhal, periyapalayam, pitchatur, tirupathi. Reached the foot of the hill at 130 am. it seems traffic is restricted uphills between 1am and 3am. reached tirumala at around 4 am. had a nice glimpse of the gopuram. got in touch with parents at around 6 am, went to the room where they were staying and had a nice sleep till 2 pm.

Then started off back home. via kalahasthi, tada, gummudipoondi, redhills, madhavaram. reached home at around 7 pm. I t was a satisfying journey. for the experience it gave me .

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