Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Catching up with writing......

It has been a long time since i wrote anything reflective... very bad.

let me try and make some amends.

Well life in e4e is slowly settling down. e4e itself is slowly settling down as a company that has just moved to chennai. The office site , 3rd flr in rayala tech park in kottivakam, has come up quite well. we r yet to get a functional cafeteria. Hence we depend on the Adyar bakery , across the road, and Hotchips, thiruvanmiyor, for our fuel.

You must be wondering y am i speaking abt cafeteria fst. Well there isnt much work that has come thru to us yet, the process itself is yet to grow wings. So we get a lot of leisure ( defined as oppurtunity and freedom, classical english. courtesy: The man who knew infinity, r.kanigel)

Initially i spent time trying to find out what sort of issues we got, the common nature and the solutions provided. Once i could not do any more of that i have , these days, resorted to building my word power and general problem solving ablity.

There is so much to write on... let me break them into different posts.

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