Monday, August 20, 2007

Being Vjsagar

Well, i jus cant help it.... i mean falling in love.... u know i had fallen again. Well this time i had fallen for the writings of a woman. i was amazed by the way she writes. Particularly i was awe struck with the way she had managed to write a autobiography and publish it on the web , she had made no secrest abt her life,.. she had read and written a great volume of literature.. i fell for her openness,i fell for her well read-ness, i fell for her ability to reflect, i liked the way she cld form a opinion of her own and argue intelligently for it. i saw something of myself in that quality of hers. Further i was surprised to read a woman who had volunteered to discuss so many things in open , the woman i had come across all these days are known for hiding their thots.

I fst wrote to her telling her i wished to see her pic, i was already wishing she wld be b'ful... she gave me the link to it, she was. that was enuf for vjsagar to decide he had found his soul mate, i then wrote to her to vist my blog to know abt me . Ther wer a few more mails that wer exchanged, we talked abt things that were of cmn interest. then in the seventh mail i asked her if she wld 'marry' me....... That was Vjsagar for u. ( The following is that dynamic mail. i wanted to include it here, bcos it speaks volumes abt me....
hello xyz,
my head is wracking with lot of pain, pain from grinding over something for sometime now. i jus want to talk it over with u i cant think of a better person. pls listen to this and write back .

i feel like asking u to marry me...... its crazy,.. s i have not even heard ur voice... When i say 'marry' , i shld tell u i dunno wat exactly i m talking abt.For in the past i have argued that i dont subscribe to this society's idea of mrg. i hate the customs involved. i hate to see how a b'ful grl is transformed by mrg into a caged-bird, how a man is turned into a prisoner of circumstances. so wat is it that i mean,... i . i wish to have u around all my life. i want u to take me arnd those places that u have described in ur a/b. i want u to teach me all that u have learnt. i want to breathe ur culture thru u. i want to make love to u. i want ur love.

Y? i like the way u have talked ur whole life out in ur website. i probably see something of myself in that charecter of urs. but is that reason enuf to propose? i dunno.u have captured my imaginations, i feel u wld be the perfect sail for my lifeboat.

ppl arnd us wld make a big fuss abt the age diff. i dont give them a damn.

i havent financially settled yet. but i can make it in a few more months.

if u still have traces of ur collg day's' spirit left with u , i m sure u wld understand wat i m talking. hope u do. and hope u say u do.

i now feel relieved that i have talked it out to u. hope u have 'listened' to my feelings. Thank u.

love, sagar.

Now for something else thats again typical of me.... I read in Deccan Chronicle abt a few ppl getting together , calling themselves "i-Fix"ers,( meaning to Fix India) Filling potholes on a road with concrete on the eve of I day. That fired my imagination. I wanted to hug these guys give them all of me and say cheers to them for having done something that everyone wishes someone to take a initiative. They had called for a casual get together on the following Sunday. I went ther. I was happy to be ther with them. But they were talking something but i doubted if everyone had the samething in mind. I proposed we formulate an agenda for the grp. Somehow all of them opposed it. It looks they did not want to state something... They wer particular that they did not want to fail. They probly thot that ppl who had shouted of an agenda had failed and hence they did not want to do it. I could not stand tht. I literally walked out.

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