Monday, August 20, 2007

Reading, listening, watching.

I have been reading a lot these days, particualrly frm newspaper. I could not read anything else for i had the preoccupation of worrying abt wat do nxt. I liked reading np,.. each article wld give ne a dream to aspire for.
I-day supplements in paper carried a lot of 'perspective' articles. I liked PM's speech in particular. I liked him insisting on and recognising the need of providing the means to an individual to improve his skills , enabling him to contribute his fullest to the society.
It was interesting to read N.murthy's disillussionment with communism and deciding to go the capitalist way after the incident in communist-Bulgaria.
Rahman's, 'Jaye he' album and various artists( pt.hariprsd chaurasia to asha & lata to spb...) singing the national anthem on television made me feel heart-filled and eye filled with tears on this I-day. I also happened to chance upon bits of the old movie "the Legend of Bagath singh' on DD and my ears were blessed to hear the song 'ay watan' and 'rang de basanthi chola'... I love bagath singh for his simple straight fwdness that wld be evident in his speech in the court, his statement of his conviction and his principles in 'why i am an atheist'... and his simple statment to the effect ( idont remember the exact wrds) " i have been an atheist all my life. ppl say praying to god will reduce my pain in these last days, whatever,... i dont want to use God as a drug to relieve me of my pain" . Bagath Singh seems to have had very simple thinking and very strong convictions... check out some of his quotes in :, also try reading, 'Why i am an atheist' to appreciate wat a genuine being he was.

And then there were other articles and interviews that fired my imagination of the possiblity of a privately owned nuc power plants, regional airplanes, labs that wld sequence ur dna jus like the ones we have for blood testing now, ...

All papers painted a promising and booming pic of the indian economy, while not forgetting to add that 800 million have been left behind..

Raghuram rajan's career path attracted my attention and made me think if there was something in it for me.....
I was watching a movie , where a white lawyer argues for a blck man, during apartheid in SA,.. that made me fantasise if i cld become a lawyer...!

Watching 'Pallikoodam' ( the movie is commendable for Thankarbachan's performance, Sneha's looks , particularly hips,that remind u of a tendril thats yearning for the lovers grasp and Shriya reddy's spirited performance) , made me think if i shld give civil services a serious try.

Reading ET always leaves me with aspirations to start some bizness of my own, at various points i have fascinated, investing in shares, becoming a share broker, starting a cement factory, realty bizness, ET is a enterpreneur's fst love,.. it has lots of manure in it that u can use to fertilise ur soil and reap rich benefits,.. it always spots out , highlights leaders in the industry, ET is an amazing window to the world of business that wld lure u into jumping into that wonderland and makes u feel a part of it. It has educative artcles that enlighten u with a sense about the economy.

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