Saturday, June 9, 2007

Flooded by lights

This saturday, 09/06/07, i chanced upon luck and made good use of it. My brother had got a few complimentary tickets to the Asia vs Africa match in Chepauk stdm and he offered me a few tickets. I wanted to grab this oppurtinuty for, one, i had never watched a match live at a venue and two, i had never been two chepauk, it being one of the world famous spots in chennai. Another cool thing about this was that it was a day and n8 mtch and hence there was no need to worry abt the scorching sun.

A gloriuos scene

We have always come across this phrase in litr. , that some thing is gloriuous to see. I just witnessed one. Chepauk is simply a wonder to see the grass lit by the flood lights. The view simply bowled me over. I went there with an idea of turning back in half an hour. but the view, the cool breeze assured me i was in for a good spectacle of a time and view.

Zaheer and Sourav

Tho we cld catch distant glimpses of Jayawardane, he was too short! ; Jayasuriya, i felt thrilled when i realised it was jayasuriya, a man he is; Dhoni,he reminde me of his commercial appearences; Yuvaraj , its a treat to watch him field; Bhaji, he was making all the noises, be it tapping someones back or applauding someones feat; and Sehwag, he was a busy man on the field; We really got to relish the most of zaheer and Sourav for they were posted to man the field near our quarter.
The Crowd
Every one wanted to catch a bit of zaheer and sourav in their camera. They even called out to them to pose for the camera. Zaheer never responded. But Sourav somehow yeilded and played to the crowds tunes, or it cld be said the crowd had found a way to attract sourav's attn.

They harped calling out 'dada', they roared whenever he turned towards them, they chanted saying they wanted him to bowl and they declared he was the best caption. And all thru sourav seemed to enjoy all the attn.

Thinking frm the players perspective i could only wonder how they managed to put up with all this nonsense.

The stadium
The stadium was as grand as the game itself, at international level.

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