Monday, June 25, 2007

Hospital again..

My grandfather developed illnesss again this sunday. This time it was a case of continuous vomiting. nothing stayed in his stomach, he puked every thing .And had severe stomach pain. We Took him to the hospital. This time it was Sundaram foundation, My father seems to have subscribed to the idea of brand value and he seems to have bought the crediblity of the TVS family. So he decided that we could put our faith in them.

It was almost 11 o clock in the n8 when we reached there. Only the emergency entrance was open, as is the case with the nature of the hour we arrived. ONly one 'attender' could be let in. I opted to stay out and let my uncle go in with grand pa. It was unbearable to be called 'attender' somehow the hospital management had forgotten the word 'relative' , a word that could have avoided so much irritation to me.

My uncle was sent out to pay some regn fees, in the meantime i peeped in to fill in the posn of the 'attender' . My grand pa was already put on a bed with some tubes running abt him. And the sister was questioning my grandpa abt wat was happening and the history of the problem. he was struggling to answer as he was almost exhausted, since he had nothing that could stay on in his stomach. I was shocked and irritated at questions being put to him at that condition. further came the irritanat , 'stay out' . I shouted back saying if they could tell me wat actually was going on. Then the doctor came in , intervened and 'tried to pacify' me where as wat i wanted was a clear answer, telling me wat they had diagnosed and wat was the future course of action, and how much did they think this was gonna cost us. But rather than persisting for the answer, i suddenly became conscious that i had over reacted and accepted the doctor's 'pacification' came out.

soon left for home, leaving my uncle behind. The next day morning i went back at about 9 o clock. no one had cared to appraise my uncle of wat was going on. i went in asked again if someone could explain wat was happening. Then came a big expln. It looks like xray in the abdominal area showed signs of obstruction. and further wat he puked was green in colour, indicating that bile content and pancreatic juice, so the obstrn was somewhere after pancreas.... this obstrn had caused all the vomiting. it seems he had not been in a posn to release gas in the past 24 hrs.

Happy that at last someone had spoken to us, i walked away triumphantly having discovered something and shared the info with my dad and uncle. And left again with my uncle leaving my dad behind, and came back again in 3 hrs , only to find out that the consultant physician had come and gone without bothering to talk to us and grand father, who was in a fatigued condition had to initiate a dialogue on knowing how much the trtmnt wld cost. I was now told it wld cost at least 10 k to tell conclusively wat was happening Ct scan alone cost 5k .This drove me mad again. I wanted to ask the doctor if he did not think it sensible to keep us in confidence abt wat was happening and how much cost we wld have to bear. I just did not use the wrd 'sensible'. This drove him crazy. I did not want to stay there anymore and left my dad and uncle there to decide on the future course.

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