Monday, July 23, 2007

This weekend jul 21-22

To those who have been, like me, captivated by Ajith's looks in the Posters of Kireedam , i would like to advise you to stay happy with the posters and not to venture into watching the movie. So many things have gone wasted into it let not ur time be wasted too.

As i was skipping cahnnels on the TV as is my wont, i stopped by vijay tv . it was 'koffee with Anu' . She was hosting four singers- Naresh iyer( munbe vaaa frm jillunu oru kadhal), devan( smile frm kandukonden kandukonden), subiksha( kanda naal muthalai frm kandanaal muthal), and madhumitha( kana kaanum kaalangal frm 7G).

There were a few things that caught my imagination on the show. Fst the way Naresh iyer sang his 'munbe vaa...' , he was so much emoted into the song, that the sweetness of the song was trebled.. He had a cute way of speaking and a cute mannerism, it was cute to see his iyer tamil and long curly hair jell together, and the cute smile lingering on the long line of his mouth and the smile reflecting in his eyes.

i was bowled over with the ease Devan handled the guitar.

The third thing that caught my eyes and kept me obssessed for the rest of the show was the gap in Subiksha's tops that made way for some of her tender breast( she was only 18) to show up and kept me hooked on to it with hopes that more of it would come up when she laughed...

I laid my hands on 'An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations ' written by Adam Smith, which is considered to be a treatise of modern economic thinking. I have just started with the book, i can already appreciate what a magnum opus i am reading. ( the only thing is that i happen to fall asleep before i finish a page probably bcos i am not sure y i shld be reading it.)
I attended a mock CAT test conducted by IMS. I manged to stay awake thru the 2.5 hrs of the test duration. That wld tell you how i fared. i was more concerned about desecrating the ladies toilet of that college. The venue was Stella mary's college on cathedral road i was wondering where would they have toilet for gents and had reservations to ask anyone about it, lest should i receive mocking glances. It was good to see so many grls at one place and to be in a college atmosphere. i refrained from staring, though, for sanity's sake.
I had made a trip to the RTO's office on monday morning to change the address on my licence. It refreshed the idea of what a stifling environment would be like ,tho this office was better off than most other offices, thanks to its location. I just felt these offices would fare better with procedures notified clearly, otherwise you end up running between offices.

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