Monday, July 16, 2007

Why shld u read Atlas shrugged

We all have our own philosophies that we live by. We all worship the hero in ourselves.

You should read atlas shrugged to appreciate the superlative degree that u can achieve in the act of visualising and worshiping the hero in urself. And to reinforce the philosophy u live by.

U shld read it to know that there are charecters ,atleast in fiction, that think like u.......That Somewhere sometime a mind of an author has thought about you or your concerns and doubts and has endeavoured to address them.

To know , appreciate and gain a perspective of various kinds of ppl around u.

Those r few reasons i could suggest to u to read AS. I should caution u tho that u might have to persevere thru the fst part, when u r kept guessing abt the hero. But once traces of him start appearing u simply cant put the book down.

I jus wanna make a small detour to write abt the actual act of writing. Now ,the thots that i record here and in various other reflective articles r thots that were concieved say somewhere in the middle of sleep or while bathing or while in the loo or while simply staring at the space...Once conceived the mind simply keeps building on that thot. it keeps building it on and on until at one point u feel the pangs of delivery ( similar to that of carrying and delivering a child) and the necessity to record these thots in some form or the other so that u can feel relief. This feeling is not restricted only to the act of writing but to every act of creativity, i believe.


Patrick said...

I don't believe ANY of Ayn Rand's heroes would be enough of a lemming to write a post which has as many intentionally and unintentionally misspelled words as yours. Improve your writing if you want to write.

vj said...

ivan engirundhu vandhan lord labakdas.