Friday, September 7, 2007


Jus watched Ammuvagiya naan. Went to the movie with quite a few expectattions.

From the reviews, came to know that this was a movie abt a prostitute and a writer. That was enuf to trigger my interest. Given the not so good circumstances at home, it was not the best thing to go for this movie. But still cld not contain my interest and eagerness to find out how the two charecters had been woven into a story. For, i could imagine interesting possiblities and plots that could give way to a very subtle but poignant movie. ( i would count Oleana, Ponniyan selvan, as examples for subtle but poignant movies) So i was eagerly looking fwd to see wat shape had actually materialised in the form of this movie.

Tho the movie did not live upto my expectations ( as does anything), it did not disaapoint. It, rather, was a different approach, quite a normal one i wld say, for my standards of expectation. Watching the movie was like reading a decently written book.

The fst few pages, u come to know of wat kind of a life a prostitute lives. And then u have to digest wat a 'born' prostitute wld be like. And then u find out/discover wat wld a marriage mean to her. Then u find her slowly learning wat the marriage does to her and wat she has unsuspectingly accepted is doing to her and she learns to 'live' her life as a married woman and she gradually begins to like this life and the calm and peace in it. And towards the last few pages u find out how a demon frm her past comes to haunt her new found peace and how she handles this challenge.

Thats how i felt at the end of the movie. There were times wen i felt the book was gd to read in the sense it was handling a very sensitive subject of the 'born' prostitute. It was a disturbing but a refreshing thing to find out how such a person wld think. The other charecters r, tho, very predictable and so is the story line, beyond a point. And that makes u, at some point, count how many more pages r left.

The role of the writer could have been given more energy and life, that wld have in turn given the story line a lot of life.

Bharathi, who plays Ammu, stands out and wld leave an impression in every viewers mind. The director should be credited for not having pictured any of the 'in-bed' scenes in a manner causing uneasiness to the viewers.

Ammuvagiya naan is a decently written book, sorry made movie, abt a sensitive subject, given tamil cinemas formulae-ism.

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