Saturday, September 1, 2007

Season of marriages

The last week of Aug saw a flurry of marriages. Most of my friends , school mates and collg mates, were getting married. These r the few thots that crossed my mind wen i attended or was invited for these marriages...

"so, wen is ur marriage?.." ... Oh! my dear, wer r u......?, don't let these guys ask me any more of that qsn.... come and show up in frnt of me... pls.

"how wld i plan my mrg?, wat a kind of affair wld my mrg be like"... i jus dont like posing for camera. i could not even stand those few mins in front of those flash lights , while i was on the stage to shake hands with the couple and posing for a pic. I wish i have enuf say in my mrg to make it a very simple affair.

when i was sitting ther looking at the couple , i was laughing at my frens for they had already learnt to wear a fake smile jus for the sake photographs and had already learnt to stand the glare of those flash L8s.


H2H said...

haha..dei fake smile...was that our great varadha :)))))))))))))))

H2H said...

i agree our marriagess are the one of the most boring ones :((...wish u have an interesting one!