Sunday, September 9, 2007


Watched/ gaped at , listend to Sherin in Koffee with Anu and was quite bowled over by her.
These days, i have actually grown found of Anu's show and have started to look fwd to it. She has the tact of making the show very interesting and bring the charisma out of the guests and show case it.
This week's show brought together 4 young and budding artists- sherin, nanda, madhumitha and ramana. When there is youth, beauty is always present galore and this show was no exception. Nanda , looked sombre at times, tho.
The heartening thing abt this show, to me, was to hear these actors speak a lot of sense and speak in a very sensible manner. it made me very happy to think that such sensible people were also there in the cinema world ,which is otherwise cosidered full of dud ppl, ofcourse with a few towering exceptions.

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