Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Yeh dosthi...

This janmashtami, sep 4, was a day i got to meet up with one of my collg mates. We had decide to meet at sathyamcinemas. There was the usaual elation that u feel in meeting someone after a long time and then the comments abt changes in appearence. One thing that amazed me was the ease with which we settled down quickly, in a few mins we were back to collg times, it was as if there had nvr been a gap. i love this ease with which i can be with some ppl. This guy was one of them.

And then, over lunch, we were talking abt wat all those guys ,whom we knew of .were upto..., who all were married, where were they, which of them had children and all that, we got to call some guys frm the other's number and show-off to them that we were together..... some means of a virtual get-together. We still had some time to go for the movie to start. Bwn spencer plaza and citi cntr, decided for citicntr, with hopes of getting a ticket in inox. Then there was the joy of a ride in bike with a long time friend in the pillion to citi cntr.

spent some time at landmark in citi cntr amidts books. i always love to be among books, here u have music as a bonus aswell. After wandering abt all the book shelves jus familiarising myself with the whereabts of some of my fav books and topics settled down near western phil section and recounted that i was able to relate to ralph waldo emerson's essays and henry david thoreau's life in 'walden'. came across rosseau's 'confessions', which i had recently read abt in a article talking abt mother theresa's 'criss of faith' (come, be my light)

And then settled down for a book on word power ( norman lewis), for i believe i cld use btr wrds accordng to the context. looked for a book that wld make me more comfortable with numbers, but cld not find any. i believe cat is all abt testing how well r u comfortable with numbers, words and data. i also bought a copy of 'the prophet ' by khalil gibran, for i felt i wanted to have a book that i can resort to reading in bits and pieces wenever i got time.

While in the mall, i was surprised that i was not gaping at all those b'ful grls. i behaved well, surprising myself. prbably i have jus started believing that i was bttr off leaving them alone. prbbly i had sat under some 'bodhi' tree ,that has sent things into my head telling me 'desire was the root cause of all ills'!!!!!! Alas!, Buddha has some one to subscribe to his teachings.

Got tickets for RGV's AAG. i ventured to go for that movie, tho i had heard that the initial reviews of the movie gave it a bad score, bcos i wanted to have a feel of a RGV movie (tho i have seen rangeela, i saw it only for urmila's tanaha tanaha and hare rama, in particular i, then, wanted to see if she had any briefs on, when she sits on jackie's shoulders in the tanaha song, that much for my adolescence).. For, there has been so much hype abt his movies and i felt that ther was certnly something promising abt him. I went for the movie, however, knowing wat to expect from my memories of Rangeela (beyond tanaha) and some scenes of sathya that i have seen.

Yes, the movie fails in many senses like many charecters fail to impress, songs cld have been more catchy and such stuff, but it does not fail to be an entertainer, provided u knw that u r watching a remake of sholay (1975),which ,wiki says , is the biggest hit among indian movies, and that u knw that u r watching RGV's direxn. I was only admiring RGV's role in the movie thru out.
Ofcourse, AB stands out. And Nisha kothari , impressed me as well. As soon as i came back, i consulted wiki jus to find out more abt this grl. That, she is RGV's latest protege, was evident in the movie. the way she was directed in the movie, brought back memories of urmila's performance in rangeela. it was like giving her more screen space and letting her do the damage to vulnerable hearts, tho i m not sure if she can do a damage as gr8 as urmila did.
reading abt aag in wiki, took me to learning more abt RGV, nisha kothrai, sholay, darmendra (or dharm singh deol or dilawar khan,( his Nikahnama (marriage document) which clearly said that Dilawar Khan Kewal Krishn (44 years) accepted Aisha Bi R. Chakravarty (29 years) as his wife on 21 August 1979 at a mehr of, Rs 111,000 in the presence of two legal witnesses…’ The nikah was solemnised by Maulana Qazi Abu Talha Misbahi Faizabadi. He had to convert to islam to marrry hema bcos Hindu religion did not permit him to marrry a second time wen his fst wif prakash kaur was still alive) which finally led me into listening 'yeh dosthi..'
I shld also mention abt the spl effects in inox. the effects are so good that the sound seems to reverbrate at the back of ur head ( or do they have any spkrs fitted in the chair).

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